Shri. Meher Baba Ki Akhand Jyoti is the Hindi version of Meher Baba's Discourses, a collection of essays offering practical and spiritual solutions to the most challenging problems of everyday life. The essays cover a wide range of subjects, from marriage, sex, and non-violence to selfless service, the conditions of happiness, and the ways of the Masters. Fifty-one of these discourses were first published in the Meher Baba Journal from 1938-1942, and an additional 18 discourses appeared in a five volume set published from 1939-1943. These discourses were translated into Hindi by Kunjbihari Choubey, a literary figure from Nagpur, and they were published in 1950 by Meher Baba's secretary, Adi K. Irani.

To read the PDF (Portable Document Format) files of Shri. Meher Baba Ki Akhand Jyoti, you will need a PDF reading program such as Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free at These PDF files contain scanned images of the original books. The volume 1 file is 32.9 megabytes; the volume 2 file is 43.9 megabytes; and the volume 3 file is 36.1 megabytes.

Also, if you have access to a computer with Hindi fonts installed on it and are so inclined, there is a need for Shri. Meher Baba Ki Akhand Jyoti to be typed in Hindi as a word processing document so that it can appear on the Internet in a smaller, searchable format. If you are interested in doing this work, please email

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Akhand Jyoti, Volume 1
Akhand Jyoti, Volume 2
Akhand Jyoti, Volume 3

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