Role of the 5 Perfect Masters

  According to Meher Baba Perfect Masters play a vital role in bringing God to the Earth in human form in each Avataric period.He once said,"Sai Baba made me what I am, Babajan made me feel what I am and Upasani Maharaj made me know what I am ".

In May,1913 when Merwan was returning from Deccan College Babajan beckoned him and kissed him on his forehead and bestowed him with infinite bliss.For 3 days after this incident Merwan was unconscious though His eyes were open.For next 9 months he was semi-conscious of his worldly surroundings.One night in Jan. 1914 when Merwan visited Babajan and was about to leave Babajan held his hand and declared,"This child of mine will create a great sensation in the world and do immense good to the humanity".

Babajan directed Merwan to visit Sai Baba of Shirdi.Merwan stretched himself on the ground in front of Sai Baba.On seeing Merwan, Sai Baba uttered only one word "PARVARDIGAR"(The Almighty). Sai Baba's eyes were lustrous with universe shining out of them as he conveyed this holy word. At the instant when Sai Baba had spoken the majestic word, Merwan had become alpowerful,Sai had given him infinite power.

Sai Baba directed Merwan to visit Upasani Maharaj of Sakori.During Dec. 1915, Merwan visited Upasani Maharaj.On seeing Merwan,Maharaj threw a stone which hit him on his forehead exactly where Babajan had kissed him and thereafter Merwan began to regain his consciousness.Upasani Maharaj used to say ,"I have given my key to Meher Baba,He is now the repository of my power".The Upasani Maharaj was the one who revealed to the Merwan his divine identity.

In 1915,Merwan visited Hazrat Tajuddin Baba at Nagpur.During this period Merwan was in semi-conscious state.On seeing Merwan, he took some roses and waved them like a wand mysteriously over his head and face.After this, merwan bowed to him and left.Tajuddin often referred Merwan as "The Heavenly Rose" whereas Merwan referred him as "Taj"-The Crown.

In April 1915, Merwan visited Narayan Maharaj at his Ashram.At that moment Maharaj was giving darshan to a large crowd.On seeing Merwan he stopped the darshan and came down from his throne.He greeted him royally.He removed a garland from his shoulder and placed it around Merwan's neck.Both of them conversed for a while and later Merwan left for Poona.

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