(An Inspirational visit to the Tomb-shrine)

   In Nov. 1968,Meher Baba said he would give darshan "On His Own Terms". He said that this darshan would be unparalled - it would be the last darshan given in silence, and that when he would start giving darshan to his lovers it would not be for a limited period, but for all time. He also said he would give his darshan in reclining position. All these were hints that he would not be with us physically but spiritually. At 12:15 PM on 31st January 1969, Meher Baba dropped his body, which was kept in the tomb at Meherabad Hill for seven days for Baba lovers across the globe , to take his darshan. Since then, Meher Baba's tomb-shrine at Meherabad has become a place of pilgrimage for his lovers all over the world. Therefore every year on his Amartithi(31st Jan) thousands of Baba lovers gather here to pay their homage to the Avatar of this era.