My Workers Must Become Like Dust
(by Meher Baba)

Recently I heard that among some of My workers, there has developed a considerable difference of opinion. Better you do not work for Me than develop such an attitude. I will appreciate your competitive spirit only in your surrender to Me and love for Me. To get yourself divided while doing My work shakes the very foundation of that work. That will defeat its own end. It is the height of hypocrisy to say, "I alone can do Baba's work."

If you cannot work together with concord, why open new Centres for Me? If you want to further My cause, there is no escape but to become like dust in my work. There cannot be any compromises. Each of My lovers must become like dust. Then people of their own accord will flock around him and his own life will radiate My Message of Love to others. Becoming dust-like is the only link that would bring you together.