Significance of Amartithi
(An important letter from Eruch Jessawala regarding Pilgrimage. )

   We His lovers must not forget why we come to Meherabad in the first place. Meherabad is a place of holy pilgrimage. It is not a vacation spot, resort or retreat. It behooves each pilgrim blessed to cross His Threshold, to accept all conditions of their pilgrimage as the prasad given to them by their beloved Lord. To have one's pilgrimage accepted by the lord is no easy task, for it means more than to merely bow down at His Samadhi. We must accept wholeheartedly any and all trials and tribulations that may beset us during our pilgrimage, knowing full well that these very difficulties when happily accepted without reservation or expectation, mark His acceptance of our pilgrimage. Doubly blessed is the pilgrim who inspite of all hardships, remains cheerfully resigned to the conditions of His pilgrimage.

  And yet Beloved Avatar Meher Baba in His Infinite Compassion and Benevolence, has made our pilgrimage so comfortable and easy that we have forgotten all that He Himself as Man amongst men, suffered throughout His Ministry to awaken His love in our hearts. Dear brothers and sisters, we have been blessed to receive His gift of love, now it is time for us to return that love by dissolving all expectations, reservations and desires in total gratitude and resignation to His Will.

With Warm regards in Love and Service of our Beloved Lord Avatar Meher Baba.
Yours lovingly,

Courtesy: "Beloved Baba"