Hi ha one-two, let Me color You !

Hi ha one two, let me color you;
Black and White like darks and light.
White is the ray giving all the hue,
Let us draw a prism so it might work right.

"Avatar" and "Meher Baba" be two co-ordinates,
Of "Ki Jai" baseline equilateral triangle;
then Hold the prismatic triangle against white light,
And let the beam pass though and fall on you
(You know, it's not you but your ego my dear
The veil of Maya and "chunariya" of Kabir)

Lo, seven colors appear as VIBGYOR
Choose as many per fancy of your.
I make you Technicolor and both of us laugh
Rejoicing "Holi Hai" as life is called Divine's profile,
And laughter is signature of life.

Hey, let's not forget
Neither the one, light, nor the prism
And ,of course, not any "ism."
Not even of seven, which are mere expansion giving a clue
Of three basic colors (Red Yellow and Blue),
Which again are evolutes of only two;
One is our Silent Master, the other is "Love" as glue
Keeping our beings colored in His hue.

Hi ha one two, let me color you ,
Hi ha one two, let me color you .

 With best wishes of "holi" and the New Year(Samvatsara).
 Satish C. Shrivastava
'Safarchand of India '.


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