(source:Panj Pyare by D.V. Balakrishna Meher)

This is the story of Niranjan Singh,the Principal of Delhi college,a scientist and a man of knowledge who had met Meher Baba when he once held a public darshan in Delhi.

From time to time he received permission from baba to visit him and being an intellectual he often asked questions that Baba answered spontaneously and which benifited us too.The answers were later published in the book entitled "THE EVERYTHING AND THE NOTHING".

One day after the book was published,Niranjan Singh visited Baba and sat with the disciples before him.Baba turned to Francis Brabazon,one of the disciples and said "Go and get that book Niranjan Singh is responsible for".Francis did as he was told and handed the book to Baba who after turning a few pages,said to the illustrious visitor,"Here is the result of your efforts.You asked all the questions and many readers will benefit from this book.The last time you were here,you said you were completely satisfied and that nothing more was to be asked".

Niranjan Singh heaved a deep sigh,looked at the Book with no sign of Joy or Happiness on his face. "What is the matter.Are you not happy with the book?"queried Baba.

"When I left after my last visit I was so pleased and happy.My mind was at rest since I had asked all the questions which bothered me and you had answered them to my complete satisfaction.I was really in a happy state I left here for Ahmednagar railway station",replied Singh.

"Aren't you happy then that all your questions were answered ?"persisted Baba.

"Yes,Baba.You answered all my questions but when I sat in the train,this galloping mind of mine once again started asking intriguing questions".

"What is intriguing you now?"asked Baba.

"A thought came to my mind like this : Baba says he is infinite conciousness in form,but how can infinity be bottled up in limitation? This intrigues me Baba.How is such a thing possible?".

"Is that the only thing that intrigues you? Look,I'm the creator and yet there are so many things which intrigue me that perhaps you being a scientist,can explain them to me.Tell me,do you see anything outside that open door?"

"Yes,Baba.I see sandals".

"What else can you see ?".
"Yes,I see cattle grazing".

"What else do you see ?".
"People moving around".

"What else do you see ?".
"A range of hills ,Baba".

"What else? ".
"Another range of hills behind that".

"What else do you see ?".
"I see the clouds?"

"It intrigues me" Baba said,"these tiny eyes of yours can encompass such vastness.How is that possible?It intrigues me how this little iris of yours can capture such vastness".

Niranjan Singh understood and sat silent.