Reward for Life
(source: How a Master Works by Ivy Duce)

Just before Baba's last birthday, telegrams were received from the relatives of a man who was very ill, asking for Baba's grace that he get well again. This man had once lived with Baba and obeyed him. At that time Baba had put him into strict seclusion and silence for 3 years in a tiny cabin. Even when a cobra got in one day he did not leave his seat or call out. But his obedience was not without self-interest. He expected some reward, some sort of realization out of it. And when Baba said that the only reward he ever gives is final Realization and that depends solely upon the whim of his grace, and that can never be earned or demanded - it comes wherever the disciple is - the man thought, "Well, if that is so I may as well be living my own life." So off he went and occasionally over the years visited Baba.

Then came his illness and his relatives expected Baba to heal him. They got him no medical attention but sent telegrams demanding that Baba heal him, asking Baba what sort of a God he was, to let such a great devotee suffer, and the sufferer was crying out to Baba to cure him or let him die. Baba had him brought by train and ambulance from Bombay and told Goher, our doctor, to give him all possible relief. He was past medical cure. Baba visited him and stayed awhile with him every day. After a week Baba had him taken by ambulance to Meherabad and placed under Dr. Donkin's care. Before leaving, he apparently knew he was dying and asked Baba to visit him once more before he left his body. Baba promised. Just before he died, he complained to his attendant that the light was too strong and was hurting his eyes. The room was in semi-darkness. Then he shouted "Baba!" and left his body. Baba had given him reward for his life - some glimpse of himself, and a good kick-off for the next.

- Letter from Francis Brabazon, Guruprasad, Poona, June 13, 1960.